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  Our guide to plays and musicals coming to New York stages and a few last-chance picks of shows that are about to close. Our reviews of open shows are at nytimes.com/reviews/theater.

  ‘17 BORDER CROSSINGS’ at New York Theater Workshop (previews start on April 11; opens on April 15). Get your visa approved and your passport stamped as this exploration of migration by the playwright and performer Thaddeus Phillips arrives at New York Theater Workshop. Phillips, who heads Philadelphia’s Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, twines memories of his own travels with more fraught journeys. 212-460-5475, nytw.org

  ‘MRS. MURRAY’S MENAGERIE’ at Greenwich House Theater (in previews; opens on April 8). The Mad Ones, creators of some of the richest and most carefully observed devised theater, make a show about making a show. This latest play centers on a 1970s children’s television program, with Phillip James Brannon, Brad Heberlee, Carmen M. Herlihy and January LaVoy joining Mad Ones regulars. Lila Neugebauer directs. arsnovanyc.com

  ‘NORMA JEANE BAKER OF TROY’ at the Shed (previews start on April 6; opens on April 9). The face that launched a thousand ships and the body that broke millions of hearts meet in Anne Carson’s new play. A loose adaptation of Euripides’s “Helen,” which argues that Helen never even went to Troy, it stars Renée Fleming and Ben Whishaw. Directed by Katie Mitchell, it inaugurates the Shed. theshed.org

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  ‘OKLAHOMA!’ at Circle in the Square (in previews; opens on April 7). The wind is whistling more sultrily as the director Daniel Fish’s seductive deconstruction arrives on Broadway by way of St. Ann’s Warehouse. Starring Damon Daunno and Rebecca Naomi Jones, this production recalibrates the score for a bluegrass band and is mostly, Jesse Green wrote, “audacious in ways that feel dead-on and delightful.”212-239-6200, oklahomabroadway.com

  ‘PLANO’ at the Connelly Theater (previews start on April 8; opens on April 13). Clubbed Thumb, the downtown company that first produced “What the Constitution Means to Me,” brings back Will Arbery’s play about three sisters (Crystal Finn, Susannah Flood, Miriam Silverman) and many husbands for an encore run. Reviewing Taylor Reynolds’s production last summer, Laura Collins-Hughes called it “surreal, funny, ultimately muddled.” 212-260-0153, clubbedthumb.org

  ‘SAFEWORD’ at the American Theater of Actors (previews start on April 11; opens on April 25). The playwright and director S. Asher Gelman follows up “Afterglow,” a provocative play about an open marriage, with another sexually charged drama. A tale of two chefs, a power dom and his genderqueer partner, it explores bondage, domination and fine dining. 866-811-4111, safewordtheplay.com

  ‘THE BAND’S VISIT’ at the Ethel Barrymore Theater (closes on April 7). This Tony-winning tale about an Arab police band stranded in small-town Israel plays its final gigs. According to Ben Brantley, the show is one of the “most ravishing musicals you will ever be seduced by.” David Cromer’s production, with a book by Itamar Moses and songs by David Yazbek, currently stars Sasson Gabay and Katrina Lenk. 212-239-6200, thebandsvisitmusical.com

  ‘FLEABAG’ at the SoHo Playhouse (closes on April 14). Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s monologue about a sexually compulsive young Londoner ends its relationship with New York. Maybe you’ve already seen the streaming series it spawned on Amazon, but as Ben Brantley reported, the live event “throbs with a concentrated, combustible vitality that a camera is incapable of capturing, even with pore-probing close-ups.” At this point, the chances of getting tickets are slim, but you can check the website daily for any that become available or wait in the cancellation line that forms at the box office an hour before the show.212-691-1555, sohoplayhouse.com

  ‘IF PRETTY HURTS UGLY MUST BE A ________’ at Playwrights Horizons (closes on April 5). Tori Sampson’s fable about beauty and race, directed by Leah C. Gardiner and set in the imagined village of Affreakah-Amirrorkah, prepares for its happily ever after. Jesse Green wrote that this “auspicious professional playwriting debut” succeeds best when “it engages us emotionally in the moral quandary of beauty.” 212-279-4200, playwrightshorizons.org

  ‘MARYS SEACOLE’ at the Claire Tow Theater (closes on April 7). Jackie Sibblies Drury’s play, inspired by a famous black Briton and starring Quincy Tyler Bernstine, wraps up its Off Broadway run. It is part biography, part uncomfortable comedy and part intellectual meditation about outsourcing our most intimate responsibilities. Ben Brantley called it a “breathless and radiant” drama. 212-239-6200, lct.org



  今期开什么码管家婆【以】【现】【在】【路】【德】【的】【肉】【体】【强】【度】,【可】【以】【很】【长】【很】【长】【时】【间】【不】【用】【呼】【吸】。【但】【总】【归】【还】【是】【要】【换】【气】,【以】【及】【休】【息】【的】。 【在】【水】【下】【不】【知】【道】【过】【了】【多】【久】,【路】【德】【睁】【开】【了】【眼】【睛】,【打】【算】【游】【向】【海】【面】。【却】【打】【眼】【到】【了】【远】【处】【的】【艾】【斯】,【艾】【斯】【正】【静】【静】【的】【待】【在】【海】【中】。 【路】【德】【看】【了】【艾】【斯】【一】【眼】,【然】【后】【浮】【了】【上】【去】。 【海】【面】【上】【五】【龙】【已】【经】【制】【造】【好】【了】【一】【艘】【大】【船】,【大】【船】【上】【还】【有】【一】【座】【很】【精】【美】【的】【别】

“【确】【实】【是】【想】【知】【道】。” 【蓝】【采】【和】【一】【本】【正】【经】【的】【回】【应】:“【关】【于】【你】【的】【身】【世】,【让】【我】【感】【觉】【十】【分】【的】【困】【惑】,【虽】【然】【我】【知】【道】【你】【必】【定】【没】【有】【恶】【意】,【但】【我】【对】【于】【你】【的】【身】【世】,【还】【是】【十】【分】【的】【好】【奇】。” “【当】【然】【如】【果】【你】【不】【方】【便】【说】【的】【话】,【也】【可】【以】【不】【说】,【我】【不】【会】【强】【迫】【于】【你】。” “【英】【雄】【不】【问】【出】【处】,【何】【必】【呢】?” 【小】【猴】【子】【颇】【具】【深】【意】【的】【与】【蓝】【采】【和】【对】【视】【一】【眼】,【随】【即】

"【抓】,【给】【我】【抓】,【附】【近】【没】【有】【了】【就】【去】【别】【的】【地】【方】【抓】,【这】【种】【力】【量】,【我】【们】【一】【定】【要】【得】【到】!" 【博】【士】【笑】【的】【张】【狂】,【几】【个】【汉】【子】【也】【被】【刚】【才】【博】【士】【身】【上】【散】【发】【出】【来】【的】【力】【量】【威】【压】【所】【震】【慑】,【思】【虑】【之】【间】,【恭】【谨】【的】【脸】【庞】【上】【也】【不】【由】【自】【主】【的】【闪】【过】【贪】【婪】【之】【色】。 【不】【过】,【这】【股】【贪】【婪】【之】【色】【也】【没】【有】【敢】【在】【脸】【上】【停】【留】【太】【久】,【毕】【竟】【是】【做】【了】【十】【几】【年】【下】【人】【的】【人】,【察】【言】【观】【色】【的】【本】【事】【还】【是】【有】【的】

  【实】【验】【的】【过】【程】【整】【整】【持】【续】【了】【半】【个】【多】【小】【时】,【期】【间】【耗】【尽】【了】【四】【块】【射】【线】【石】【的】【能】【量】,【莫】【雪】【从】【一】【开】【始】【的】【痛】【呼】,【逐】【渐】【演】【变】【为】【舒】【爽】【的】【叫】【声】,【最】【终】【身】【体】【周】【围】【冒】【起】【寒】【气】,【暴】【露】【出】【与】【莫】【冰】【秘】【能】【相】【同】【的】【属】【性】。 【狼】【少】【惊】【叹】,【莫】【冰】、【莫】【雪】【这】【名】【字】【起】【的】【真】【可】【以】,【两】【人】【都】【是】【冰】【秘】【能】,【准】【确】【来】【说】,【莫】【雪】【的】【那】【个】【应】【该】【算】【霜】【秘】【能】,【与】【莫】【冰】【的】【还】【是】【有】【些】【许】【区】【别】。 【总】今期开什么码管家婆【极】【简】、【轻】【奢】【的】【体】【验】【中】【心】。 【端】【木】【菲】、【乐】【炎】【良】【以】【及】【两】【位】【地】【产】【界】【名】【流】【正】【在】【进】【行】【圆】【桌】【论】【坛】。 【主】【持】【人】【常】【声】【发】【问】:“【端】【木】【小】【姐】,【你】【如】【何】【看】【待】【天】【曜】【地】【产】【的】【新】【作】【品】——【菡】【棠】【合】【院】?” 【端】【木】【菲】【微】【笑】【答】【道】:“【这】【是】【天】【曜】【地】【产】【在】【产】【品】【研】【发】【上】【的】【再】【一】【次】【创】【新】。【大】【家】【知】【道】【限】【墅】【令】【不】【是】【一】【天】【两】【天】【了】,【而】【高】【净】【值】【人】【群】【对】【别】【墅】【生】【活】【的】【需】【求】【是】【真】【实】

  【叶】【凌】【惜】【话】【落】,【碧】【波】【城】【主】【便】【赫】【然】【而】【怒】【道】:“【你】【这】【是】【在】【威】【胁】【本】【官】?” 【叶】【凌】【惜】【将】【手】【中】【的】【茶】【盏】【重】【重】【一】【放】:“【是】【不】【是】【威】【胁】【城】【主】【大】【人】【您】【心】【知】【不】【明】。”【叶】【凌】【惜】【言】【罢】【就】【起】【身】【离】【开】【暖】【阁】,【当】【叶】【凌】【惜】【走】【到】【门】【口】【时】,【身】【后】【却】【传】【来】【碧】【波】【城】【主】【的】【声】【音】:“【你】【有】【什】【么】【条】【件】?” 【叶】【凌】【惜】【听】【了】【却】【不】【曾】【停】【下】【脚】【步】【来】,【而】【是】【头】【也】【不】【回】【的】【离】【开】,【叶】【凌】【惜】【来】【到】

  【蔡】【根】【挂】【上】【小】【孙】【的】【电】【话】,【心】【情】【舒】【畅】, “【纳】【启】,【快】【跑】,【第】【三】【圈】【有】【好】【吃】【的】,【小】【孙】【给】【你】【留】【了】【大】【餐】。” 【纳】【启】【有】【点】【消】【极】【怠】【工】,【跑】【的】【越】【快】,【烧】【的】【越】【快】,【他】【又】【不】【想】【自】【虐】, “【啥】【东】【西】【啊】,【好】【吃】【吗】?” 【这】【就】【是】【惯】【的】【臭】【毛】【病】,【蔡】【根】【一】【脸】【鄙】【视】, “【咋】【地】,【你】【还】【想】【点】【菜】【啊】?【有】【啥】【吃】【啥】【就】【得】【了】【呗】。 【别】【好】【像】【你】【有】【功】【似】【的】,【你】【把】【油】

  【九】【歌】【扫】【了】【这】【群】【人】【一】【眼】。 【眨】【眨】【眼】,【脑】【海】【里】【忽】【而】【闪】【过】【一】【个】【大】【胆】【的】【想】【法】。 【不】【过】【现】【在】【不】【是】【想】【这】【些】【的】【时】【候】。 【九】【歌】【一】【边】【朝】【捆】【起】【来】【的】【同】【学】【走】【去】,【一】【边】【护】【着】【文】【淑】,【有】【阳】【炎】【弓】【在】,【倒】【是】【让】【九】【歌】【轻】【松】【了】【不】【少】。 【?!】【呸】! 【这】【女】【人】【做】【任】【务】【就】【跟】【玩】【儿】【似】【的】。 【哪】【次】【不】【轻】【松】? 【九】【歌】【在】【心】【里】【计】【算】【出】【同】【学】【们】【大】【概】【的】【视】【线】【距】【离】